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twelfth saga

[action for anyone in the Boy Scouts!]

[After attempting to weasel out of it for weeks, Thorfinn has finally given up and decided that he might as well try to get something useful out of the Scouts. Shuffling in his ill-fitting and highly uncomfortable uniform, Thorfinn glares at his assembled scouts- mostly drones, although any young boy PCs may have slipped in. Thorfinn doesn't really care!

He exhales deeply in what appears to be a mix between a sigh and a growl. At his side is a rather terrified-looking rabbit.]
Alright. This is a complete godforsaken waste of time.

You are all weak. Soft. Useless. You've lived a life of luxury in this town, or wherever you came from. Nothing I do will fix that.

I am told that the purpose of this group is to make boys into men. This is not going to happen. Nothing short of a real war will teach soft, pathetic children like you what it means to be a warrior.

...But I will teach you a few things. Maybe you'll learn to make use of them. Probably not. I don't care.

First lesson: hunting. I'm going to show you how to skin a rabbit. [Swiftly, and without waiting for a response, he picks up the rabbit with one hand and slits its throat with the other.]

[action for anyone in the park]

[Anyone passing by will see a rather perplexed and frustrated Thorfinn surrounded by a circle of crying drone Boy Scouts, a dead rabbit in his hands.]

I hate this place.

[action for Arslan]

[Thorfinn leans against a tree, fully changed back into his typical Viking rags. He lets a finger run over the blade of his knife; after a day like today, all he can think about is getting a good fight in.]

eleventh saga [action]

[Ever since being temporarily reverted to his six-year-old self, Thorfinn had been in one of his Little Moods. Even the momentary fun he'd had battling his Thanksgiving turkey only lasted a short time, and it was not long before he was back to sulking in his room and practicing his knife throwing in the backyard.

When he received the notice in the mail, he had ripped it in half and thrown it in the streets. When the two drone boys in uniform had come to ask why he hadn't been showing up to "meetings", he had slammed the door in their faces. He wasn't sure what the town was trying to pull now, but he was sure that he didn't give half a damn about it.

This would perhaps prove to be a mistake.

A few days later, a blonde teenage boy wearing this uniform approaches you as you're about the cross the street...]

Hey! Hey, cool ya jets, pal! You don't wanna go crossin' that street without a stout young man helpin' you along, do ya? It's dangerous, man! Here, take my arm, I'll help ya out!

tenth saga

[Guess who got an attack turkey? At some point during the epic battle between boy and turkey, the phone is knocked off the hook.]

-damn little- you're mine, you son of a- [CRASH]

Gah! Food should not fight back. Let me put you in your- what the- [SOMETHING BREAKING]

...You are strong, for something dead and cooked. But I will not lose. Come!








This is the greatest meal I have ever had.

ninth saga [TYL plot]

[Thorfinn had barely any time to react before the blast had come, and before long a wide-eyed little boy stands in the middle of 919 Bilko Boulevard.

The boy had been ripped from the very fabric of time into an unfamiliar world, a strange land of strange contraptions and even stranger people. He was lost, frightened, confused, hungry; a whole mix of emotions cascaded through the boy's head.

With a muffled sniffle, his legs began to move, and he made it to the front door. The sun was bright, and it was warm, warmer than he was used to. Where was the snow? It had been winter back home? He was lost; irretrievably lost, and had no way of going home.

There was only one thing to do. Thorfinn, son of Thors ran out the front door, into the sunny world of 1950's suburbia, and without hesitation promptly began to...Collapse )

[All replies will be from diaf_askewadd!]

eighth saga [event: week old candy]

[so public]

...Miakis. Pamela. I... there's something I need to say.

I can't be with either of you anymore. It's just... it's too dangerous. The dark urges within me- I don't think I can control them anymore. You both drive me wild with desire. It's too much for me to take...

So instead, I'm just going to end it all. Don't try to stop me; it's too late for that now. Just know that I... that I'll always...

[choked sob]


[Thorfinn can be found sitting outside on his porch, naked from the waist up and his arms outstretched, standing in the bright sunlight and staring up at the sky grimly. He seems to be waiting for something to happen.

It doesn't seem to be working, although the sparkles make him gleam magnificently.]

seventh saga


Someone tell me why everyone is wearing costumes and giving away sweets.

sixth saga

Some of you here can fight. Is that correct? There are warriors here.

I want to fight. Train. Whatever you want to call it. Someone teach me to fight the way you do in your worlds. [As long as he's stuck here, he might as well make use of it. Anything to get the edge on Askeladd.]

Answer me if you're interested. ...Except Pamela.

fifth saga; action

[Thorfinn can be found in the street, following after a certain drone.

He appears to be somewhat distressed.]

Wh... What the hell are you saying, baldie? Don't walk away from me- I'm talking to you!

"Haha, sorry, kiddo, but I don't have time to play right now. I need to get to work!"

This- this is only temporary, right? It doesn't count if I kill you like this, it doesn't count- snap out of it. Snap out of it, now! [Thorfinn grabs the drone's sleeve, practically snarling.]

"I don't know what you're talking about, Thorfinn! Don't you think you should be getting to school, son?" [The drone gently tears away, leaving Thorfinn staring at him in the street.]

Where are you going, you bastard...? What kind of game is this?

You can't do this to me. You coward. How dare you...[Thorfinn's fists clench. The drone cheerfully walks away, leaving Thorfinn standing in the street.]

You can't do this. Don't leave. Don't leave, you piece of shit. Come back here! COME BACK!

fourth saga

To all of the women I said I was going to "date" while I was droned:

Not happening.

Askeladd. Grady can't be killed. Pick someone else.

[Thorfinn can be found outside his house, running a garden hose over his hair and scrubbing furiously.]